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Vand boxe de raft Hi-Fi Triangle Borea BR02, noi, sigilate, la cel mai bun pret!
Toate produsele comercializate vin insotite de factura + bon fiscal/chitanta dupa caz.
Boxe de calitate foarte buna, un model foarte reusit al producatorul de boxe Triangle.
Boxele sunt sigilate si vin insotite de factura si garantie 24 luni.
Culori disponibile: negru, alb, nuc.
Se poate face si proba la cumparare in zona Titan, undeva in spatele magazinului Lidl.
Contact: 0726415513.
Link oficial:
Daca ai gasit in alta parte mai ieftin, trimite-ne link-ul si vom reveni cu o contraoferta!


The bookshelf speaker Borea BR02 is the most compact speaker of the range. It fits easily on a dedicated stand (S02/S04), your bookshelf or most other furniture. A perfect introduction to the world of hi-fi, this small speaker will surprise you by the immersion and sound amplitude it provides.

Equipped with a 25mm EFS silk dome tweeter and a 13cm transducer with a natural cellulose paper membrane, this speaker transposes all the richness of the voices and instruments tones, while maintaining a surprising bass level for its reduced size.

It will fit perfectly in rooms of up to 20m2, offering the dynamism and energy emblematic of TRIANGLE. The BR02 can also be used as an effect channel (Surround or Atmos) in home theater setups.

Number of drivers
Number of ways
89 dB/W/m
Frequency range
51 Hz – 22 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
Power handling
80 W
Nominal impedance
8 Ω
Minimum impedance
3,6 Ω
High frequency roll-off
2900 Hz
176 x 310 x 274
4,87 kg
Stand (option)

Borea loudspeakers benefit from research and innovations from the Esprit Ez range for uncompromising sound reproduction.

Tweeter enceinte hifi triangle borea packshot techno
The tweeter of the Borea range is equipped with a next-generation system called EFS* (Efficient Flow System).

It is based on the association of a 25mm silk dome, known for its neutrality, with a phase plug developed specifically to homogenize high-frequency diffusion. This system significantly reduces the directivity regardless of your listening location in the room.

The dome is placed inside the partial horn loading, reducing reflections and allowing a clear reproduction of the high frequencies. This transducer is powered by a neodymium motor generating high magnetic power in a compact size. It is coupled to a cooling system, ensuring a better power handling.

The Borea range, inheritor of the Esprit Ez technological innovations, also incorporates a midrange driver with a membrane made out of 100% natural cellulose paper, receiving no surface treatment. This paper membrane, unique to TRIANGLE, avoids any coloration of the intermediate frequencies, and transposes the voices with stunning realism and tonality.

In an ongoing pursuit of excellence, the profile of the cone was also redesigned to improve the rigidity and now provides an extended frequency response.

On the three-way floorstander, the midrange driver incorporates a small pleat peripheral short-travel suspension, which Triangle is known for. Very rigid and perfectly adapted to the driver with short travel suspension, it allows a perfect control of the movement of the moving elements, thus ensuring natural-sounding vocals.

Haut-parleur grave enceinte hifi triangle borea packshot 02

The mission of TRIANGLE’s engineers is to deliver a rich and dynamic sound in the low frequencies, emphasising the pace without ever distorting the music. Controlled low frequencies is an ongoing quest. Living up to its reputation, TRIANGLE focuses on fast and precise drivers, with large engines, all housed in optimized cabinets. The impact disappears as quickly as it has arrived, for a perfectly controlled rhythmic reproduction.

To achieve this, TRIANGLE has opted for membranes in fiberglass with an excellent vibratory behavior. Their rigidity enables to strongly reproduce each impact while leaving space for the vocal range, thus keeping an airy sound.

Significant research has been carried out to reduce internal vibrations in the cabinet. Unprecedented in speakers of this category, all models of the Borea range feature perforated internal panels in MDF & EVA foam, thus stiffening the transducer/cabinet combination.

This innovative concept not only reduces the vibratory behavior of the structure but also absorbs the vibrations generated by the movement of the bass drivers. This proprietary system unique to TRIANGLE is called DVAS (*Driver Vibration Absorption System).

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Boxe de raft Hi-Fi Triangle Borea BR02, noi, sigilate
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