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Folie protectie iPod Touch 5th and 6th gen x3 TechGear

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[Pack of 3] TECHGEAR® Apple iPod Touch 6 & iPod Touch 5 (16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB) CLEAR LCD Screen Protector Covers [iPod Touch 5th & 6th Generation]

3x CLEAR Screen Protectors with a Cleaning Cloth, Application Card & Screen Protector Application Instructions on back of the TECHGEAR® Packaging
Helps to prevent your screen scratching and other damage.
These Quality TECHGEAR® screen protectors maintain your screen's original touchscreen sensitivity without compromising the high-definition viewing experience.
Custom made for your device, no further cutting is required. Easily removable with no sticky residue or marks left on screen.
Excellent choice of screen protection for the new 6th Generation (2015) and 5th Generation Apple iPod Touch

Product description
TECHGEAR® is a specialist manufacturer of screen protectors for virtually every mobile phone, tablet and handheld gaming device.

Unlike most other sellers selling screen protectors which are manufactured from cheaper & flimsy material, these are HIGH quality premium screen protectors for your device. Manufactured from a new ultra high-clarity plastic, we've been able to increase the strength & durability without impairing screen brightness, clarity or touch sensitivity.

Our screen protectors are supplied in our own Branded packaging, this also helps to prevent damage during delivery. So they are great to give as a gift too.

Each kit contains a cleaning cloth, applicator card & instructions to make application as simple & bubble free as possible.


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