Would you like to work in a hotel in Austria ?

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If you'd you like to work in a hotel in Austria, ATRACT is currently looking for motivated & friendly English or German speaking crew members - with or without experience, interested to work for almost all departments - kitchen, service, housekeeping, spa/massage etc.

ATRACT is an Austrian private initiative, a company founded, developed and run by professionals with experience in tourism, specializing in recruitment, training, placement and support of HORECA employees.

In short, ATRACT finds the right job for each of you, quickly and easily. And not only do we find you a job, but we make sure that you have an employer that you are happy with, so you can enjoy success from the first day at your job.

But you have to keep in mind that without work experience in the tourism industry and / or basic knowledge of German, you have to start with auxiliary activities (for example cook help), so learning German language at a conversational level, will allow you to obtain a better paid job.

A basic level of English is required. Knowledge of German is valued, but not necessary at the beginning.

You must be a citizen of the European Union to be allowed to work in Austria.

If you decide to collaborate with Atract, you should know that after you have started your new job, 250 Euro will be withheld from your first payslip. Another 250 Euro will have to be paid when our training camp will take place - end of the winter season.

You will have no more expenses in the future and we guarantee you a job after having successfully participated in the training.

The employment salary will be the minimum salary in the HORECA industry in Austria, but depending on the employer and the proven experience of the candidate, it may be higher.

Don't wait any longer and contact us today to receive more information!

You will not only enrich your CV with an experience abroad but you will also meet new people and get to know a very beautiful country, as well as learn German!

Our benefits:

The employment is made directly to the Austrian employer, with all the social insurance taxes and contributions to the pension systems paid monthly.
14 annual salaries are paid (the 13th for annual leave, and the 14th for the winter holidays).
The annual leave is 5 weeks.
Accommodation and 3 meals are provided free of charge by the employer, including on days off.

For more information, you can also visit www.atract.at or send an email to: romania@atract.at and we'll get back to you.

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Would you like to work in a hotel in Austria ?
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Would you like to work in a hotel in Austria ?
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